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Because I know one is enough for me

I heard one good man is enough for a lady

I heard one good woman is enough for a gentleman

I don’t understand why it’s so complicated

People are searching for companions even after expressing their love for someone

I don’t really understand why it feels bad

When someone is not sure about you

Because I know one is enough for me

My heart sinks in the ocean of confusion and sadness

When I see that swiping is making more valuable relationships than emotions, feelings, and love

It feels so bad, It feels so stupid when you wanna be with someone

And they are busy in swiping right or left in order to get matched

Just to have the date without getting late

Because I know one is enough for me

And one will always be enough for me

It feels so sad that people consider you as an option when you want to make them your priority

Sometimes we don’t know where we stand

But we must know what for, we stand

Because I know one is enough for me

You are so emotionally cold

As if there is some void which you don’t wanna fill with love

It’s not my cry, just another try

Because I wanna you to be that one

Because I know Life is too short not to be with the person you love

Hey but do let me know if you too are in this room called LOVE

Or it’s me alone…………………………..

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